Tachyon Healing System

The traditional boundaries between science and spirituality dissolve. The Tachyon paradigm is here for a new era of harmony, cooperation, love and understanding.

Workshops -Trainings

The courses promote therapy, wellness, stress management and self development. Learn practical skills to maintain balance in stressful situations. Support people in their recovery.

TACHYON Vacations

Nourish your body mind and soul at the sunny coasts of the “Greek Riviera”. Combine the workshops with leisure, relaxation and a rich program of activities .

Tachyon as a remedy for crises

“Problems cannot be solved at the level of awareness that created them.” - Albert Einstein It is becoming more and more clear that our thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions are creating the world that we live in. The global crisis we observe around us is mirroring a deeper crisis of consciousness of humanity. The remedy for this can only be the evolution of Consciousness. Tachyon applications and workshops are meant to support our conscious growth from the current chaos to a higher level of order. They offer unique tools for transformation and the most effective ways to use them. David Wagner says, "Dynamic chaos (dis-ease) at any level of our life is an evolutionary key. It can bring us to better health (and a higher level of consciousness) if we are ready to understand what is causing it". By taking responsibility for our personal growth and learning to incorporate it (our insights – new experiences) into our everyday life our world would change in ways we can hardly imagine. Read More →