THE science of tachyon

According to quantum physics, matter is just a dense form of energy. Everything that exists in this universe from the most subtle, energetic structures to the densest forms of matter is aligned in an energetic continuum. Energy is flowing constantly from its source, moving down through the etheric, the electromagnetic and finally into the material level.

The source of this energy by modern physics is called Zero-Point Energy (ZPE). It is faster than light, formless, omnipresent and has the potential to create every form, bringing order out of chaos.

Tachyon is a sub atomic particle having the same properties as ZPE, condensed in a form. You can imagine ZPE as an ocean and Tachyon being a drop of it. Just like ZPE Tachyon contains the source of all frequencies and creates order out of chaos. The Subtle Organizing Energy Field (SOEF) is the blueprint of how a cell or an organ should be in its optimum health and balance. It knows what form it holds in place. The SOEF converts Tachyon into the specific frequency that is needed to manifest the form. Energize the SOEF and the healing process will be initiated.“The SOEF and Tachyon interaction is the key to radiant health!” states Prof. David Wagner.

When this whole process is uninterrupted, radiant health and connection to All That Is are a natural state.

This natural flow is interrupted by a multitude of events ranging from psychological reasons, beliefs, stress etc to the depletion of our healthy SOEF’s by EMF, radiation, pesticides or pollution to name just a few. Tachyon represents a safe and natural possibility for a system to move back to energetic health and balance. When energetic balance is obtained, the physical body can follow. Therefore we are truly on the brink of a new paradigm in holistic healing.

Today, we have the means to provide to the depleted SOEF’s access to Tachyons. Perfected in 1990, the Tachyonization™ process restructures natural materials at the sub-molecular level. These materials create a powerful and focused field of energy, functioning as permanent Tachyon antennas.

Tachyonized materials, help people in over 156 countries on their path to find balance and radiant health!



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Dark-Field Study of Live Blood

In Photo One the client’s blood is taken prior to any exposure to Tachyonized materials. Clumping of the erythrocytes can be seen.
Photo Two is of the same person’s blood, taken 45 minutes after the sublingual absorption of 15 drops of Tachyonized water. Already improved, the erythrocytes are singuler and free in the plasma.

Dark-Field Study of Live Blood

Photo Three is the same blood as Photo One. The difference here is that eight hours have elapsed and the blood is dead! Only cell fragments are recognizable.
Photo Four is the same blood as in Photo Two. After eight hours you can see the blood is still alive and the cells still have their cellular integrity.


This is a 14 years old cat. A couple of years ago, after an accident, the veterinarian suggested putting her to sleep. She is still alive thanks to Tachyon Discs


Rescuing a bird with Tachyon