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Quality of One -Vertical Reality Seminar

In this seminar, we experience the energy of plants and trees and use them for self healing & stress management. For most people there is a joyful surprise feeling the subtle energies of the nature. This is only the beginning. Nature is in a vertical flow, this helps us to connect with ourselves and in our process to evolve.

We experience life through the filter of our self-limitations that have been created as a result of wounds and traumas in our past, mainly in childhood. Some of us might think that they need to help others in order to be accepted and by doing this they forget their needs. Others might have learned to be very successful in business but they are not able to relate intimately to friends or to a partner. Or somebody might feel that he is not good enough…
There are many beliefs that can prevent us to take the gifts that life is offering.

During the V.R workshop we learn extremely easy and effective techniques to unburden ourselves from useless” luggage” of the past without the need for a detailed and time consuming analysis. We obtain the tools to act in our daily life with the stillness of the oak and the fullness of the rainbow: Calm and straight to the point, acknowledging all aspects of our being. We can evolve more and more towards a fulfilled and joyful life. We can experience that every challenge is just another stepping stone to Oneness. No matter where we are now it will lead us to our next step of evolution. We invite you to bring this experience to your life and wake up every morning with a smile on your face.
With the support of the Vortex pendant, you can maintain balance outside of the workshop and accelerate your creative potential regardless whether you face situations like a queue in a public service, feeling anxious, guilty or even when you feel that the world is hostile and the others abuse or mistreat you.

Opening the Vertical Flow – Enhancing all Aspects of Life:

Physically: Healing is happening as there is more life force moving through our system.
We experience greater vitality and more energy.

Emotionally: We experience a sense of Peace, Silence, Love as inner states independent of life’s circumstances.

Mentally: Silence, clarity and creativity. A mind at rest is easier to concentrate and think the best solutions.

Spiritually: Owning a sense of fulfillment. Knowing that our essence is always there.
Living a life of Meaning. Free from the dramas of the Mind.

The facilitators of Vertical Reality seminars respect each person’s unique path through this life. They offer a unique tool for transformation and the most effective ways to use it. They create a space to experience verticality and how you can practically integrate it into your personal life. In this spirit, age, background, sex, profession, being an experienced meditator or having no relation to meditation at all, having participated in personal growth seminars or not plays no role. Everyone can benefit with this gift for an evolving mankind.

Vertical Reality Level 2

You expand your healing abilities obtained in level 1 in order to use them for other people. You experience and distinguish all life flavors / frequencies and learn techniques to cleanse your energy channels and strengthen your energy flow.


Depending on our background we look for stress management, meditation, peace of mind, relaxation, feeling good , being in the Here and Now or vertical flow…

We are born with a vertical flow. A new born baby has a sense of oneness with all that is. For a baby, ‘NOW’ is the only time there is. As we grow up and take on a personality and an identity in the world, our energetic system shifts into a horizontal flow. We may know we are all One, but we experience life in separation. Our evolution brings us back to oneness. As our consciousness expands, our energetic flow evolves into a vertical flow, the very same flow we can observe in nature. The practice of opening the vertical flow is found in most spiritual traditions, martial arts, tai chi, yoga.

We have such glimpses ,when we are in love,
in nature, in personal development workshops, watching our newborn child, during Reiki sessions, when we are focused on what we create like children playing with the sand. In short when we feel content and at ease with ourselves and the world around us and time does not matter.
These glimpses represent our natural state of being. In the world of Tachyon we call I this natural state of relaxation and presence, Verticality.

Every living organism in nature – trees, birds, wild animals – exists with a vertical flow of the life force. This is an integrated & flowing system that is inter-connected with nature. Nature knows Oneness. It is easier to awaken to that peaceful state of mind with the inspiration of Nature. This phenomenon is used by the Vertical Reality seminars, enhanced by wearing a Tachyon Vortex Pendant that generates a vertical flow.

“There is no real independent self, aloof from other human beings, inspecting the world, inspecting other people. You are, in fact, connected not just via Facebook and Internet, you’re actually quite literally connected by your neurons….We are One, this is no mumbo jumbo philosophy , this is neuroscience” (V.Ramachandran Neurologist
University of San Diego)

The Vertical Flow in nature