Practioner Training

Tachyon Holistic Wellness (Practitioner )Training
Levels I & II

This 2+2 Day Training addresses to:

• Health Care Professionals, Doctors, Bodyworkers, Holistic Physicians,
Psychotherapists, Spa Managers.

• Individuals with no prior experience, for self-healing or supporting Friends/ Family in their Recovery.

"The TLC Bars are the best tool I have seen for the removal of pain by non-medically trained people." Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D

You learn to support:
Pain Management, Physical Recovery from Injury or Surgery, Detox, Anti-Aging, Organ-Focused Recovery, the healing of Chronic Diseases, Stress, Trauma, Disorder Syndromes,
the Clearing of Energetic Blocks, the Transformation of behavioral Patterns, Clarity of Mind, Finding Inner Peace, Meditation, Emotional Balance, Harmonizing Electro Magnetic Fields.

Adding Tachyon sessions to any other treatment can have a profound impact on the ability of recovery.

The healing dynamic is better experienced then understood.

The Program of LEVEL 1
(Pain Management) includes:

• Learning the healing dynamics with Tachyon
• initiating a conscious healing process
• opening energy blocks
• practicing giving & receiving full Tachyon healing sessions
• enhancing the healing environment with Tachyon tools
• using the practitioner tools (TLC bars)

Just to give you an idea, the range of the TLC bars can be measured up to 30 meters in comparison to 5m of the other Tachyon applications available for the general public. TLC bars are the principal session tool and are given only to certified first level practitioners.

The Program of LEVEL 2 (Organ & Gland Management) includes:

• how to use 50 tachyonized herb formulas for organ specific recovery
• integrating the use of both internal and external tachyonized tools
• creating a full healing program
• learning to work with Tachyon-Wands
• Tachyon Holistic Wellness Reference Guide (Manual, 250 pages)

As a student you will go through intensive healing process while studying the art of tachyon healing.
Graduates will receive a diploma from the private university U.I.S.C.A ( University of Integrated Science, California). You may submit further studies towards a B.A. in Holistic Wellness.