The traditional boundaries between science and spirituality dissolve. The Tachyon paradigm is here for a new era of harmony, cooperation, love and understanding. Tachyon is the quantum physics term defining the natural energy of the Cosmos. Other terms describing the same are pneuma (Pythagoras), Chi or Qi (traditional Chinese medicine), Prana (ayurveda), Vital energy (Hanemann, founder of homeopathy), Orgone (Reich), Aether, Bioplasma, Universal Life Force etc. Tachyon tools focus this natural source of energy and create a powerful field that enhances significantly the ability of the body to heal itself and evolve consciously.

In 1966 the Quantum physicist G. Feinberg defined Tachyon as the energy field beyond the speed of light (the boundary of the world which we experience with our senses). Tachyon is the primary expression of energy of the source (All that Is) – the bridge between the material world and the formless/infinite. This energy field exists everywhere in nature. Tachyon has no color, sound or vibration and yet it is the source of all frequencies. Another property of Tachyon is that it brings order out of chaos. Our body constantly receives cosmic energy (named Tachyon by scientists) through food, air, sun etc and converts it into the frequencies it eventually needs. In 1990 the American scientist D. Wagner invented a special apparatus as he was seeking for a solution to a severe personal health issue. This machine reconstructs natural materials on a sub molecular level and turns them into permanent energy antennae. These materials focus and enhance Tachyon, the natural energy of the Source, and at the same time they augment the body’s natural ability for self healing and conscious evolvement. Dr D. Wagner collaborated with Gabriel Cousens, a world accredited medical authority, who added his experience and knowledge. The outcome of this collaboration are the Advanced Tachyon Technologies (ATT) and the Tachyon healing system which uses this energy, merging holistic medicine, science and spirituality. Today it is applied by holistic therapists, doctors and health practitioners in more than 156 countries around the globe. Furthermore, it is part of the courses at the UISCA (University of Integrated Sciences of California).

The Tachyon of ATT is a completely safe, easy to use and extremely flexible method. It can be applied on its own or combined with any other kind of therapeutic method. ATT applications (cells, belts, bandages, tachyonised herbs etc) are designed to energetically support the person 24 hours a day. The results are so spectacular that other systems are using the term Tachyon without being supported by the equivalent technology. These systems in most cases use frequencies. It is very positive that healing arts are orientated towards vibrational therapies like bioresonance, homeopathy, Bach Flower remedies etc. In such cases it is a prerequisite that the practitioner is skilled and able to distinguish which frequency is needed in each specific case and how long a person should be exposed to it. The equivalent happens with a prescription of a drug in western medicine. We all know the benefits of sunlight. We need to distinguish though for how long it is good for us to remain exposed to it. The ATT applications open a permanent "gate" to the primary energy of the Source which potentially contains the spectrum of all frequencies. The physical body attracts, according to its needs, the desired frequencies in order for it to obtain balance. Therefore one of the advantages of the method is that there is no space for mistakes or side effects, since self healing does not depend on the practitioner, but on the body itself!

We focus Tachyon on the part of the body that expresses an imbalance, no matter what the manifested disease is. One can energetically charge the area of the body and support its self healing mechanism using the appropriate tool: a belt for the lower back, a knee band, a micro disc on a painful point, an 8mm crystal on an acupuncture point etc. Let’s remember one more time: Tachyon brings Order (health) out of Chaos (disease).

The best application for somebody to experience Tachyon is the "Cocoon". It surrounds the whole body with a three dimensional energy cocoon. Most people who tried it have experienced a state of balance, harmony and relaxation. Another dynamic way of experiencing Tachyon is to receive a session from a certified practitioner. There are practitioners of various backgrounds (Doctors, Body workers, Reiki Masters, Psychotherapists, Holistic Therapists) so one can choose accordingly.
Advanced Tachyon Technologies and the UISCA (University of Integrated Science California) have designed two seminars focusing on healing in two different ways: Tachyon Holistic Wellness (practitioners’ training). Quality of One-Vertical Reality (personal development, stress management and meditation).

in this website nothing is intended to constitute medical advice or treatment.

A sonograph of an uterus cyst

1. A sonograph of an uterus cyst taken 28-05-2006.
2. Sonograph of the same uterus treated with Tachyon on 29-07-2006 .No cyst at all. A perfect collaboration example of the medical doctor who did the diagnosis and monitored the procedure and of a Tachyon Practitioner.

Tachyon on a bruise

See how a Tachyon crystal makes the difference on a bruise on which it has been positioned for a period of time. The area which was covered by the Tachyon is almost completely recovered, whereas the rest of the bruise is still apparent.

Tachyon on fresh fruit

Anybody can copy this experiment: We took some grapes of the same maturity, from the same cluster and left them for a couple of days. The ones on the left were positioned on a Tachyon disk during this time, whereas the ones on the right were left as is. The difference between the two is obvious.

Kirlian aura photos

The same persons before (up) and after (down) Tachyon