Testimonies English

1. Tachyon against depression

I was in a state of psychological imbalance with a tendency to depression. After receiving sessions from Mr.Antoniadis and participating at the Quality of One- Vertical Reality Seminar I am well and I feel that I have found a new and deeper meaning in my life!

V.P – Private employee


2.  Healing & evolution of awareness

I started yoga lessons and being over enthusiastic an old and almost forgotten injury that  I had, was activated again. The result was an acute pain in the right hip which made it impossible to exercise and also created difficulties in my everyday life.

The situation deteriorated in the next two weeks and I tried a session with the Tachyon Practitioner Fotini Spiliopoulos. This has been a unique experience in many ways. It took two sessions for the pain to go away so -in that sense-the treatment was successful (despite my original disbelief). I actually don’t know a lot about this method. I never found it necessary to analyze it any further, since I have experienced such spectacular results. I would like to say that I have had a clear self healing experience by means of the method. This ability was activated and that was something which changed my vision and understanding of my own body.

The evolution of our awareness is something I take for granted and I would say that this self healing experience has been a decisive step towards this direction.

Stavros Cougias, Athens


3. I felt centered and focused

I felt centered and focused during the “Quality of One”. I received a lot of information in a well facilitated place. If I would rate the seminar it would be 10/10 with three exclamation marks.

Tasos, Athens


4. I learned to look at nature in a different way

During the «Quality of One» I learned to look at nature from a different point of view and to connect with it at any given moment. I enjoyed the meditations and the contact with trees. I wish everybody could have the seminar.

Prem  Avibasha


5. Tachyon is extraordinary

I am an alternative therapist and I am in the process of opening up a center. The seminar was much more than I expected. Tachyon is extraordinary.  Sanket is the best: polite, patient and easily understandable. I also would like to thank the wonderful hosts of the place!!

Fotini Skevi , Athens

6. Gave me “keys” to open closed doors

The seminar gave me ‘’keys’’ to open some closed ‘’doors’’ and to feel the energy, the light and the love of the universe. It helped me to come in contact with my deeper nature. I enjoyed the connection with nature very much. I wish it lasted a bit longer.

Dyan Darsho  Samos


7. A unique way of receiving wisdom

This group was really fantastic and Sanket even more. I cannot imagine a better way of passing on this knowledge and wisdom.

Aris Bouras -body worker Ioannina


8. Dealing with deep issues in a simple manner

I do yoga, Reiki, Tachyon.  I would like to thank you all for the opportunity given to me. I really feel your hospitality and warm care. The seminar was highly organized and well structured. It was given in a simple, understandable manner even though it deals with deeper issues.

Magda.P.  Bank employee


9. I can help myself and others

I  practice Reiki and meditation for the past year. In my job (a tax office) I experience a lot of tension and anger. …yes I need a lot of sessions.   Honestly, I am totally satisfied with the seminar and I am going to use it on myself, but also on others. Thank you all so much.

Tina F. Athens


10.  Delight and knowledge combined

I am a gymnastics teacher. I liked how cool the facilitator of the seminar was and I also admired his global knowledge. I enjoyed the food and the sea and the facilities in general .

Christos Paggeas – Greco Roman wrestling trainer – Elassona


11. Tachyon for wellbeing

My family and I use a lot of Tachyon applications. I would like to refer to a few cases that come to my mind. I was out one night and I had alcohol. In the morning I got up from bed having a hangover.  I put on the Tachyon headband and within one hour I felt fully energized and having remarkable clarity. My father uses it  when he gets a headache. On another occasion we had a friend at home for a few days. At some point he complained about pains in the liver which wouldn’t let him sleep well for a week. He looked really tired. I got the idea of wrapping around his waist a Tachyonised meditation wrap overnight. He woke up free of pain and looking refreshed and happy. He went on wearing it for the rest of the week as it relieved him of pains.

Helen Maggou-Engineer Thessaloniki


12. Tachyon & Psychotherapy

My experience is a very positive one. I have dealt with menstrual disorders, (menstruating every 3 or 6 months) or cases of non menstruation at all. Very often period is restored right after the first session. As for  the pain it subsides during the session. After a number of sessions the menstruation cycle is restored without any kind of hormones or medication. Also headaches connected to menstruation have been eliminated with the use of Tachyon.

Georgia Polikandtriotis, Psychotherapist -Athens


13. Tachyon & Homeopathy

I have been asked for information about Tachyon by  a homeopathic doctor. He had a patient with a diagnosed disease in her pancreas and gallbladder. The results of the patient -examined with the Vega Test method- were positive. When a Tachyon disc was placed on her the indication (for the disease) was negative. I am very enthusiastic about this finding because I have not heard it before and it can be easily duplicated

Michael Christopoulos– Holistic Practitioner



14. Enjoying  the  seminar &  the sessions

I liked the food, the location, the teacher, the sessions (having three sets of bars on me) and the fact that it was informational enough, without being too detailed to tire.

Prema –web-graphic designer Netherlands-Greece


15. Participating  second time was even better

I think that you, as a teacher, have evolved through the years. It has been a great experience attending the class for a second time. Very revealing!

Eftychia Athanasiou – Holistic Healing Feng Shui and Life coaching -Athens
16. Tachyon First Aid

After those four wonderful days of walking through the world of tachyon energy and tachyon people, I was awakened on the following day by a phone call from an acquaintance saying that she had dropped a kitchen cutting  board ( wooden and heavy ) on her fourth toe of her left foot. This happened about 15 hours before I saw her.  When I arrived her toe was blue black with a large cut and fairly bloody. There was also a scab that had started to form on it.  I was left to make do with the only applications I had (TLC bars and one disc). I put the disc directly on the toe and then worked with the bars according to the protocol. . As of today, there is no pain, the color has returned to a light pink – almost normal, and a scab has formed properly. She walks and flexes and makes all the cat movements as celebration. Actually, after the first session, the color changed to rose and there was no pain and complete movement in the toe was restored. She is totally blissful at the idea, that no medication was necessary.
A classic case as you taught us in the seminar.

I never imagined that it  would happen on the first morning after.
Thank you, doc for the gift you gave. Happy trails and great adventures,
P.S. I am also working on her stomach and intestines and there seems to have been a remarkable improvement there too with just three sessions, but that is another story.


17. Tachyon against addiction

I have been an alcoholic for many years. With the support of Tachyon sessions received from Mr. Antoniadis, I am free from the addiction and I feel good.

Dimitris Bassiakos – Larissa